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Well, I've been contemplating making huge Sailor Moon and Dragonball fansites with the river of countless materials and sources I have for both series. It's just, if i became a major source of Sailor Moon or Dragonball media/info/sources, I'd basically be in the same boat that people such as Lycentia and Michelle Bacon are in. Both of them host fantastic sailor moon media sites, but both are thefted off of constantly. It sickens me. So I bring you folks steps in how to successfully make your own fansites with doing virtually ANY work at all!

1. Right Click is your friend Yes it is. As long as you PC users make use of that dirty little button *shiver*, you will be on your way to making a decent fansite! Why spend money on information, video, music and image sources (such as DVDs and Artbooks) when SOMEONE ELSE already did the work for you! I mean,  SailorMusic.Net already houses most of the CDs from Sailor Moon, The Oracle has screencaps of every episode, AND Manga Style! has ALL of the artbooks. MangaFox has all of the english manga online! for your personal (I mean stealing) usage! SOMEONE ELSE ALREADY SPENT THE MONEY AND DID THE WORK! All you have to do is use the right click button, you lazy scumbag.

2. HTML is for Overachievers Why go waste your time learning HTML when Lycentia houses plenty of quality layouts and graphics for your website! (And when I say quality, I say hot off the pre-2004 press :3 ). Nothing says quality like an out of date layout with little to no organization what so ever! Just slap some of your text over the pre-made images using Microsoft Paint and you're good to go.

3. How to get hits This one is pretty simple and will virtually do the work for you once you spam forums and email address with the link to your site. If you're pretty cheap, you'll probably be using geocities, or perhaps webspace "donated" by a generous friend who actually got off their ass to pay money for webspace. Make sure you email the popular sites, such as the SSP, Sailormusic.net, The Oracle, SeraMyu Antics, and your best friend's scattered fanfiction site on freewebs asking to be "KAWAII SISTER SITES!!!!!"

And there you have it, folks. A 1-2-3 Guide to Making A Fansite Without Doing Any Work!


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